Automations/Flows (SMS Step)

  • Fixed
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 12/21/2023

Issue: Default number on flow sms step not working when previous selected number deleted

Now! when the number selected to send sms inside "sms step" is deleted then default number will be used to send sms from that flow.

Phone number edit issue

  • Fixed
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 12/21/2023

When try and edit settings for phone number it was not saving. 

Now it has been fixed. 

SMS Plan

  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 12/21/2023

Any customer whose SMS Plan is pending for 45 or more days, please re-submit information to create SMS plan again.

Folders Count Issue Fixed!

  • Fixed
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 12/21/2023

There was a problem where folder count for items inside folder was wrong sometimes. It has been fixed now.

Added ability to control flow block visibility

  • New
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 09/01/2023

Now, with roles, you can toggle individual building blocks of automations on and off. If you want your customers or employees to create flows with only email steps and hide the rest, you can do so! This is a fantastic way to simplify the interface for your customers.


  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 07/20/2023

Bot agent avatar upload bug fix
Under AI Chat Bot Agent Avatar upload will work perfectly fine now.

Bot chat widget wrong name and avatar bug fix
Wrong name and avatar problem has been fixed for AI Chat Agent.

Custom navigation item with param in URL bug fix


  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 07/19/2023

Flow copy from blueprint bug fix 
When copying flow through Blueprint or Copy/Paste action variables were not copying as expected and rarely flow steps were merging. This issue has been completely fixed.

System email support base64 image
System did not support Base64 image but now it does.

Deactivated step copy issue in blueprint bug fix
When copying flow through Blueprint or Copy/Paste action deactivate step was missing and if there are several flows selected in custom deactivate step it was not carrying those flows in it. 

Form submission not fire when form submit from AI Chat Bot
When a lead is captured via AI Chat Bot using Form/Lead Capture Skill, System Email was not triggering. This is fixed.

Flow Step Update

  • New Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 06/25/2023

New Flow Step "Cancel Subscription" added

For reseller to cancel all subscription or only Add-On subscription for sub-account.

Flow Triggers Updates

  • New
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 06/21/2023

In flows/automations user will be able to use these new triggers:

New Outgoing Human Chat Message:

listening on new outgoing message send from agent

New Outgoing AIChat Message:

listening on new outgoing message send from AI Chat Bot


  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 05/15/2023
  1. Upsell Bug fix
  2. Performance enhancement on flow processing
  3. Fixed pipeline trigger issue
  4. Chat delete contact issue fixed
  5. Fixed all inbox trigger on chat
  6. Updated reply to emails default set to sender email and name
  7. Fixed Calendar form redirecting issue
  8. group model -fixed -condition step
  9. step condition issue fixed on draft flow
  10. More validation on base package in package builder
  11. invoice from issue fixed
  12. event booker bug fix
  13. copy condition step in flow issue fixed
  14. Update next fire date log for flows

Web Designer Updates

  • Fixed
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 05/15/2023
  1. Counter (implemented validations on to and from)
  2. Countdown (invalid hour and minute caused NaN to be shown)
  3. toolbar align button not works with new copy component issue
  4. Layer Manager update (text shouldn't be expandable)
  5. Counter (text color was not changing)
  6. Swiper Slider Slide (Text color was not changing)
  7. Accordion (icons were not right at start after changing them)
  8. menu show correct link type when select page in site issue fixed
  9. page link issue fixed
  10. Countdown ( Fix days goes to negative value )
  11. Menu ( Fix Hover background reset when item cloned )
  12. Text ( Fix animation issue )
  13. Accordion ( fix active nav color not working )
  14. Flexbox fixed flex order was not working

Web Designer Updates

  • Fixed
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 05/01/2023
  • Tags ( fix tag color not changing )
  • Shapedivider ( fix color picker show incorrect when switch from gradient to solid )
  • ShapeDivider ( fix browser crash issue )
  • Lightbox (was not getting right src url for image)
  • Eye icon of Layer Manager (new way to hide and show elements)
  • Toolbar and Popper menu (possitioning fixes)
  • Gallery ( allow tags icon to be changed
  • Gallery tags ( add justify option to align tags and set br to 2px )
  • SwiperSlider( Unable to clone if there's one slide )
  • Image (issue dragging)
  • Slider (issue dragging)
  • fixed lost background image of body(wrapper) bug
  • fixed case issue of shapeProvider
  • Fix invisible tab in tags panel
  • form button color issue
  • Lightbox ( fix scroll to top )
  • global style bug for icon fixed
  • Breadcrumbs ( fix breadcrumbs not showing first time )
  • Swiper ( fix image height issue )


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 04/29/2023
  • Prevent deleting of your own Role
  • Fixed issue on contact create via API
  • Added "options" api for booker, calendar, flow, and AI Chat
  • Save grant permission on Google SiteKit for whole system not individual user
  • form url with product id fix
  • form zip bug fixed for a few countries
  • Flow Trigger updated
  • New Flow filters on triggers
  • New Flow Step UI
  • Bug fix in condition step
  • implemented new 10DLC changes
  • Delete flow drafts when delete flow
  • NEW allow for creating package without ability to pay al-la-cart (ALC) if user reaches limit
  • NEW Sub-account page to allow quicker emailing user and login as user 
  • On form copy also copy triggers if trigger is used
  • Calendar cache change
  • Use contacts address and billing address if no billing address on card
  • Chat delete contact issue
  • rate limit step updated to forecast next available time instead of attempting every interval
  • Added SMS greater than or equal contact filter 
  • form display bug fixed on contact details
  • Tracks Updated to prepare for new tracking system
  • NEW AI Chatbot
    • Small Talk Skill
    • Question and Answer Skill
    • Website crawler


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 03/28/2023
  • Booker bug fixed with contact name in some cases
  • duplicate validation bug fix
  • Fixed issue with all day event
  • Default credit card logic update
  • form field variable bug fix
  • Date formatting fix on form field data
  • cache domain connected status
  • update default email on inbox delete
  • Fixed unauthorized error when purchasing and don't have an existing plan
  • Zip code validation fixed for some countries
  • Updated calendar
  • For Plivo fixed the list available phone numbers
  • pipeline permission bug fix
  • New default settings page for automations - Set default phone number and email address
  • use default email/phone for blueprint copy
  • Fixed issue with some PDFs downloaded from website using link
  • Update avatar on Chat when updated on dashboard
  • Pipeline reorder columns bug fix
  • Blueprint bugfix
  • Fixed issue where animation on calendar stopped submit button from working
  • Form designer updates
  • Web Builder Toolbar (positioning update)
  • Website Builder Image ( Fix Lightbox not working )
  • Website Builder block bug fixed
  • Website Builder Eye icon of Layer Manager (new way to hide and show elements)
  • Website Builder Custom Code Updated to support custom attributes
  • Website Builder Popup ( trigger popup will be open only once every page refresh in preview mode )
  • Website Builder Color Picker ( Fix palette not selected issue )
  • Website Builder Color picker ( Fix palette not showing as selected )
  • Website Builder Global color ( fix global color not work when change opacity )
  • Layer Manager (more components supported on layer manager, hide those not draggable)
  • NEW Website Builder Entrance animation (loads animation first time element in view)
  • Various other fixes


  • New Fixed
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 03/16/2023
  • NEW: RIGHT CLICK to Copy/Paste Items between accounts (Flows, Forms, and Sites) with related items (optionally)
  • Fixed bug for Stripe India
  • Allow user to change default credit card when multiple cards under My Account
  • Booker image bug fixed
  • Added ability to turn off Flows and Forms
  • Language updates
  • Audio upload bug fix
  • Fixed calendar issue on Android


  • Big Automation Updates!


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 03/08/2023
  • NEW: Bulk actions for folders (Move and delete)
  • calendar permission bug fix
  • update to embedded images on calendar
  • Contact delete optimization
  • web phone bugfix relating to extensions
  • web phone update to support multiple integrations
  • Folder UI update
  • Accept more file types for product images
  • Accept more file types for audio file uploads (IVR and voicemail)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Show Draft flow as disabled on add to flow dropdown
  • Fixed Inbound call recording issue
  • Return user to previous open folder after creating a new item
  • Fixed issue on "Transform" options in website builder not showing correct value
  • Paste styles fix in website builder


  • Copy/Paste surprise
  • Custom Applications?? What does that even mean? Wait to see
  • Square payment gateway


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 03/03/2023
  • BETA FEATURE: New Right click menu in website builder to copy/paste styles from one element to another (not all styles supported yet)
  • NEW: Both Icon view and list view for sites
  • Fixed The Red "*" shows as required on Date fields in form builder even when its not required
  • Fixed coupon redeem date issue
  • Fixed issue with global sections in website builder
  • Added delete option for SMS Brand and Plan
  • Remember the last Calendar, date range, and other view setting when you navigate away and then back to calendar
  • WL package builder update 
  • Fixed On form builder the "Hide Label" for address field doesn't work
  • Removed the hardcoded "Email" placeholder text on form builder
  • Fixed issue where images not loading on booker embedded on third-party site


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 03/01/2023
  • NEW: Added new setting "Advanced Notice" period on calendar booker
  • NEW: Add S, M, L tab option for booker image size
  • NEW: Added new "My Bookings" filter that is selected by default on bookings page
  • NEW: Allow user to change the unit of the buffer times (hour, min)
  • NEW: Added "All Bookers" as an option in FlowTriggers
  • NEW: Added new domain status for SSL certificate renew failed
  • NEW: Added option to completely disable email notices from being set from your third-party calendar integration such as Google
  • Updated calendar booker style so "today" looks clickable when has available appointments 
  • Updated booking appointment flow on contact details page
  • Fixed issue where custom form not showing on booking page on contact details page
  • Fixed issue with rescheduling events from booker emails
  • Fixed issue where booker can use a private calendar and another team member edits
  • Show google hangouts as an option even if calendar is private
  • Fixed form issue on booker with custom form
  • Updated accepted file times on image drop zone on calendar booker
  • Made booker page better responsive on mobile
  • Only show create event button when at least one calendar is selected
  • Show made with badge by default on bookers
  • Updated default home page extension
  • Fixed bug on edit trigger page for calendar flow
  • 10DLC flow updates
  • Removed the recent roles from switch user dropdown on login
  • Booking page updated approve/decline to no reload the whole form
  • Fixed issue in website builder when page settings menu disabled in some cases on page switch
  • Updated Booker email templates
  • Fixed save page issue on custom booker page
  • Fixed bug with start time and end time not being replaced on new event
  • Fixed time range issue on time picker
  • Fixed issue on uneditable color on events
  • Updated opacity of placeholder avatar image on booker
  • Calendar page in designer fixed issue with not using global fonts
  • Prevent user from using a space in their meeting ID
  • Update opportunity value format on pipelines
  • Fixed error "Non-free product can not be unlimited"
  • Wrap email address on contact if its too long
  • On new booker changed default meeting location to Phone
  • Added notice for Auth.Net integration that collecting full address is required for to work in CIM mode
  • Fixed Chat issue with close tab
  • Added drag and drop to custom CMS table
  • added drag and drop row preview to CMS table
  • Added better touch support on CMS table when on mobile
  • Fixed bug on 10DLC brand create
  • Fixed issue with ICS attachment on calendar invites in custom emails
  • Fixed missing variable in pending approve email
  • Fixed site found issue when save booker page
  • Fixed adding customer to meeting event on calendar
  • Updated form prepop on custom forms on calendar booker
  • Updated "Fake Busy" logic to appear more random
  • Various small Calendar fixes


  • Custom Applications?? What does that even mean? Wait to see
  • Popup Triggers
  • Folders in More places (sites, forms)

Website Builder Updates

  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/28/2023
  • Web designer Font panel update ( Added reset functionality different color on label to indicate style set on current breakpoint vs inherited)
  • Fix Section background color stop working when change global pallete
  • Updated shadow to fix offset bug and shadow lost when change global styles
  • Added border radius icon in color picker
  • Fixed issue with Menus not synchronizing if link is changed and multiple menus of same kind exist on one page
  • Video issue fixed in website builder
  • Booker color bug fixed
  • Color options updated on forms
  • Popup ( fix z-index issue and textbox not working )
  • Button ( change size from width to min-width)
  • Box ( set overflow to auto and added overflow property in stylemanager )
  • Swiper-slider ( Fix responsiveness issue regarding default items per slide by default)
  • Update to Image gallery
  • Fix Global style color change overwrites the transparency/opacity that was on the color
  • navbar link showing as "null" bug fixed
  • Fixed Custom video error while publishing the site
  • Box (removed margin from wrapper on default style that was adding a gap)
  • Fixed global color not selected issue


  • Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/19/2023
  • Updated labels and instructions on calendar
  • System tag filter update
  • Updated default meeting description
  • Change default page size of contact list page to 100
  • Prevent skipping the form on calendar for known contact so user can confirm information
  • Changed calendar avatar image to maintain aspect ratio even if uploading image that is not square
  • Various UI enhancements

HUGE Release - The New Calendar and More

  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/17/2023
  • NEW: Random route step added to support case branch
  • NEW: List data sources on the Random route step to prepop options
  • NEW: Calendar 8.0 (Kidding... its version 2.0 but feels like 8.0)
    1. Google Meet/Hangouts integration
    2. Add multiple guests
    3. Add multiple calendar integrations (and mix types of integrations)
    4. Add custom logo and icon to calendar widget
    5. View all calendars at once. Overlay teams and users in one unified view.
    6. Team calendars/meetings (require all team users to be available) 
    7. Group session calendars (with max number of attendees)
    8. Additional calendar location options (and custom)
    9. Edit calendar booking page in the website builder (custom colors, fonts, add elements, etc)
    10. Private booking pages (one-time use expiring link)
    11. Ability to revoke one-time use link
    12. Ability to reschedule all types of events
    13. REAL-TIME writing to your calendar (no syncing or delay)
    14. Ability to copy/duplicate your calendar bookers
    15. Custom event statuses
    16. New Flow Triggers based on custom event statuses
    17. New calendar element in website builder (with ability to hide event info panel)
    18. "Fake Busy" feature
    19. New System Emails for White Label users (Booking invite, request approve, request rejected, invite accepted, invite declined, reminders, follow-up, etc)
    20. Individual controls for each calendar integration
      1. default calendar
      2. team sharing/visibility setting
      3. mark which calendars take your availability into account
    21. Business hours support multiple time slots per day
    22. Ability to add custom forms to calendar
    23. Change order of the calendar pages and forms (payment form first/last, signature form first/last, survey, authorize credit card only, etc...)
    24. Buffer time before and after events
    25. Ability to hide guest lists
    26. removed the requirement to have "/meet" in booking URL
    27. Added 13 new built-in domains you can use with your booking link (or use your own) 
    28. Allow calendar booking page to work on any domain connected
    29. Links & buttons for customer to Cancel and Reschedule events from the email and meeting description
    30. Ability to enable/disable and edit email notices
    31. Added one or more reminder and followup emails at custom intervals
    32. Feature to require approval of events before sending invite
    33. Added recurring events
    34. Ability to pick start time increments 
    35. Embed code for calendar switch from iframe to script
    36. Updated booking experience from contact details page
    37. Flow variable to generate one-time expiring link to calendar booker
    38. New calendar UI to overlay multiple users, teams, and calendars on the same view
    39. Ability to make bookings on other team users calendars
    40. Added priority option to book customer with assigned contact owner
    41. support colors on calendar events
    42. Generate and attach ICS file for invites and updates to events 
    43. And much more....
  • Updated chat permission when last edited user of a message in a flow doesnt have access to the chat inbox
  • Designer update for menu component. When items added to menu update all components using that menu
  • Image size bug fix
  • NEW: Ability to customize form button colors in website builder
  • Form design bug fix on background color
  • 10DLC registration enhancement to user flow to prevent common rejection reasons
  • Fix when using Tag in condition with tons of tag
  • NEW: Ability to set "No Extension" for page names in the designer instead of ".html" (This will be the default setting on new pages)


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/16/2023
  1. NEW: Wait for reply step supports customer initiated messages (like text "Keyword" to ___)
  2. Fixed issue with invoices where background is sometimes grey
  3. Added email verification for purge all data
  4. Shortened Port label on randomly pick route step
  5. Improved performance of the White Label Package builder
  6. Updated white label package list to exclude packages where resell is disabled.
  7. Fixed contact filter not working in one case
  8. Fixed issue where address not saved on create contact popup
  9. Updated SMTP integration for compatibility issue


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/13/2023
  • Menu updated in website builder
  • Fixed hover state when using border
  • Fixed issue where gradient color picker shows by default instead of solid color
  • NEW System emails for 10DLC updated. (rolling out to white label accounts disabled by default next)
  • Fixed address element not displaying on edit mode of form is some cases


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/13/2023
  • Menu updated in website builder
  • Fixed hover state when using border
  • Fixed issue where gradient color picker shows by default instead of solid color
  • NEW System emails for 10DLC updated that can be customized for White Label Users 
  • Fixed address element not displaying on edit mode of form is some cases


  • Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/11/2023
  • 10DLC Registration flow update - Improved the questions to increase odds of approval
  • 10DLC ability to edit your registration if rejected instead of refill the app again
  • Changed template blocks to "infinite scroll" view in website builder
  • Scrollbar more visible in website builder
  • Save page performance faster in website builder
  • Popup link text fixed issue with global variables requiring https prefix


Calendar 7.0 (This Wednesday)

Drag and drop Call Flows for Twilio

RazorPay and Square Payment integration


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/09/2023
  • Fixed display issue for 10DLC pricing
  • Form bug fixed when field names showed white
  • Added country prepop for address
  • When blueprint runs auto update forms to use the newly copied form
  • Automatically setup domain auth when blueprint variable is a domain name
  • Prevent default track on Tracking page from being deleted
  • Shape divider update ( Fix height issue in popper menu )
  • NEW: Min-Width added to style manager
  • Updated button to use min-width for default styles
  • Countdown element updated ( Use global style typography options on the "ended" message )
  • Rating element updated ( global style font fix font, size, resize issues )
  • Updated border width unit on swiper slider border
  • list element optimization

NEW: Launched new Agency Blueprint


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/08/2023
  • Designer update to position logic for black toolbar
  • link setting bug fixed for popup triggered from navbar
  • Changed close popup button (cursor pointer - background color change on hover)
  • global style color palette fix
  • Massive performance optimization on ALL elements in website builder (faster to open pages and fixes "unresponsive" browser message on some pages)
  • Grid update - Allow items to be dragged/moved into a row
  • Gradient Color Palette (rotate colors to 180 deg in sequence of color palette)
  • Update close button on popup in designer
  • Flow custom code step bug fix
  • CDN Update
  • User profile api optimization
  • filter by system tag bug fix
  • Transfer call step fixed where Ring Group is the destination
  • AI split testing feature fix for AI in SMS Flow Step
  • Added Blueprint Animation while blueprint processing
  • Collapse flow execution log on contact details. Made expandable
  • Copy page bug fix
  • NEW: Blueprint variables can now be used in Email and SMS step
  • Rate limit issue on create domain resolved with CDN
  • Lets encrypt SSL rate limit issue on free domains resolved


  1. Calendar 2.0 (more fixes In development)
  2. CMS (in development)


  • New Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/04/2023
  • Fixed global font list issue
  • popup change in navbar element
  • updated progress element to use global font
  • NEW: Added border radius in color picker border tab instead of going into style manager
  • fixed spacer resize issue
  • Close popup button UI changes
  • On Section, Tabs, and Accordion the drop line should only show above/below (not left/right)
  • Various Speed enhancements
  • Popper meny performance enhancements
  • Fixed issue with button when you drag to remove the text from button
  • Updated popper menu positioning logic
  • Popup enhancements
  • Link setting bug fix on text element
  • Auto map "first-name" style key from form data to create contact
  • NEW: Sticky contact option added to Form Settings(Remember visitors and prepop data)
  • Base package required update
  • Save order/list preferences on more pages (orders, products, tags, etc)


  1. Calendar 2.0 (more fixes In development)
  2. CMS (in development)


  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 02/01/2023
  • Time picker updated to make easer to type a time instead of select it from dropdown
  • Fixed global font not carrying over on page switch
  • Fixed snapping panels from affecting dotted helper lines in designer
  • Auto save update
  • Removed "Out" branch on Time Condition when "Wait" for "in" time is enabled
  • Pipeline performance update
  • Fixed issue where multiple browser taps open and role switched on one tab and pipeline opened in another tab
  • Added Height setting to shape divider element in web designer
  • Fixed row gap setting not working on some grids
  • Added new popup button on popup manager
  • Fixed issue where section settings menu is not visible on breakpoint change

Updates & New Features

  • New Fixed
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 01/31/2023
  • NEW: Added Popup manager in website builder. Easier to see/manage all popups on the page
  • Made the stretch image icon more visible in designer
  • NEW: Shape Divider option on Sections
  • Fixed background image issue on grid cells
  • Added Shape divider setting to control if shows above or behind section content


  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 01/30/2023
  • Email step in flow builder made enter press select the email from dropdown
  • Fix coupon issue with coupon expire date
  • fix branding edit page issue
  • fix on old version of switcher element
  • Change selector position in designer to only use top/bottom position on drag
  • combined/reduce the number of updates in background on designer for smoother experience
  • Removed some design only css from published site
  • fixed swiper slider UI when change color of pagination and icon
  • switcher element changed alignment
  • fix for some styles unset on hover
  • add selector button container by plugin self
  • duplicate section fix


  1. Popup Manager to see all popups on page in a list (testing)
  2. Shape dividers for sections (testing)
  3. Calendar 2.0 (testing)
  4. CMS (in development)


  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 01/28/2023
  • Updated Form builder Email and Phone elements to support Label Position and more options
  • Updated font and style defaults in website builder
  • Better support for emojis in website builder using Apple Color Emoji and Segoe UI emoji
  • Email logic fix - if latest email address on contact is not valid use a previous valid one
  • Fix on custom Input API
  • Fix unban logic to re-enable phones
  • Site settings bug fix on copied site
  • Updated credit card logic to mark latest added credit card as default and show new Default label on the contact. (prepare for ability for user to change default credit card when multiple)

Updates.. TONS of Web Designer Fixes

  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 01/27/2023
  • When highlighting a sub-item, draw a dotted line around it.
  • Popup (a feature reserved for ----)- Navigation (if a tag has a popup associated with it, it should be set to default-popup).Navbar (script improved by: 1) removing returns as it also performs some other function, 2) Select listener rather than LI because it can be replaced.(Do not always close the popup unless it is associated with an href or another popup.)
  • Countdown (Fix client's link issue)
  • Set the overlay opacity to 50% by default.
  • popup (have a separate close button in designer mode)
  • fix the background issue in the section
  • palettes now have a cursor pointer
  • Image (Resolve multiple image elements not being selectable in bulk edit)
  • correct a typo in the shape divider
  • Selector Button (update position on scroll; show and hide buttons accordingly)
  • Selector Button (can be added to a chosen component)
  • Clonning (a condition that was missing in ----)
  • Switcher (added default colors)
  • Switcher (2 bugs resolved from -----)
  • Accordion (accordion-item text to h6; added default text in accordion-content)
  • Accordion (The border tab in colors in the toolbar can be used to control the divider between items.)
  • fixed a bug with the add section button (undo Fedora changes)
  • Add section button posting bug fixed
  • Poper menus shouldn't go under pinned panels.
  • When clicking "add item" on accordian, it doesn't use the spacing set. Check the other settings that have been saved on the new accordion row as well.
  • When selecting an icon, the icon size is reset (possibly only on copied icon boxes).
  • When the color is black, the picker icon on the section color picker is hidden.2) When I try to select a color using the picker, it closes and I am unable to use it.
  • Copying text from another site and pasting it into the designer doesn't always add an extra line.
  • popup (added background image option)
  • fix the popup bug when switching overlays
  • popup menu (zindex raised)
  • Button (the icon is not visible due to the fixed font weight)
  • Fixed global style option
  • Accordion (Resolved toolbar flickering issue; extra code removal)
  • Switcher (improvement in -----)
  • Switcher (the wrapper is not droppable).
  • Switcher (whole fix)
  • Make all buttons use our standard button so that they all look the same when you drag them.
  • Using a saved block does not work properly
  • Allow none when selecting popup in the link setting panel.
  • Change the default left/right padding on the navbar to zero and make it changeable via the padding setting.
  • Screens shouldn't flicker, and pop-up menus shouldn't move when open (unless scrolling).
  • Make mouse scrolling not count as "swiping" on the swiper slider. Only a horizontal swipe should work to change slides.
  • Flexbox settings are overwriting each other or not working correctly.
  • add an align button to the Box element
  • Remove max-width set by default on nav bar
  • When an image has a link, it should be tagged.
  • Navbar (changed image sizing logic and changed icon size to 24)
  • (Fix breakpoint issue V2) Navbar
  • Fixed Background color on section should go behind background image
  • Slider (slide can be cloned)
  • mobile swiper slider movement
  • Button (corner set to 2 px)
  • Remove maxwidth from the resizer and resolve the fixed space height issue.
  • section-container (added padding and background image)
  • (Fix margin issue where one element's margin affects another)
  • List (fix the flex issue by increasing the width to 100)
  • Page is frozen on the wrap for the style in button.Also, the element labels and pop-up menus are overlapped.
  • Change the slider's minimum and maximum height values to 150 on the button.
  • The font in the pop-up menu is incorrect; it is not reading the current value.
  • menu icon size
  • The toolbar popup bug has been resolved.
  • The popup bug has been resolved.
  • bug fixed
  • The toolbar bug has been resolved.
  • Added bulk editing (by selecting multiple elements and changing things from the toolbar)
  • a small fix for some bugs in the shape divider toolbar
  • Now that icons are larger by default, change the default size of tab icons to 16 pixels.
  • The issue with adding a component to a small device has been resolved.
  • When you add a new element on a smaller breakpoint, it should only add CSS to the desktop breakpoint and no others, so styles cascade down to all.
  • Elements list UI tweaks
  • remove it!Important from changing the navigation color, do not use!important,
  • Icon social icon (change icon size to 32 px)
  • Counter (used visibility instead of display to hide the advance tab)
  • ColorPicker (Resolve the re-rendering issue with the color picker)
  • Switcher (fixed color issue)
  • "disable global palette selected by default" text
  • Counter (hide advance tab)
  • Menu (fixed menu text color affected by global style paragraph color)
  • Menu (correct the incorrect icon color selected by the colorpicker)
  • pop-up modal text and background color
  • Link settings are not showing the current settings.
  • Please remove "noopener noreferrer" from all links and buttons.
  • text bug issue
  • Link Menu (increased height)
  • The form shows black tabs.
  • remove allFont for global site style
  • fix the no-showUseGlobalFont after selecting it from the font popup
  • button size. fixed not working in global style
  • button text and icon have the same color
  • Gallery issues: I can't copy an image most of the time, and when I can, it goes behind other elements and doesn't have padding.
  • Add a note to the previous commit
  • Repair the gradient problem that is causing the page to freeze.
  • Swiper sliders alter the defaults.(Add pagination bullet by default, change spacing from 40 to 50, set its upper limit to 60, and add padding right and left.)
  • Social Media Element (By default, will not use the global style palette)
  • Text (removed top and bottom margins; fixed text flexbox)
  • Changed the logic for removing colors from the picker; removed the background color from the button; fixed the border not being removed correctly.
  • When an item is the last item in a section and the section is full, you cannot drag it below the menu or box.
  • Make sure global styles don't affect our page builder UI.
  • bug fixed
  • Change some parts of the element to not use global style color.
  • use a global color for the line and heading
  • color (on clicking x in the colorpicker, now revert to global-style color)
  • Text (set the text color to be drawn from the global palette by default).
  • Text color tab (resolves the issue with the default color)
  • Change the button's global default font settings.
  • GlobalStyle (fix global font and color for button; both will be updated by button globalstyle)
  • When clearing the canvas, the section undefined error was fixed.
  • The problem with the eye dropper not changing color has been resolved.
  • context menu
  • Some issues have been resolved (navbar undefined variable, global style undefined $el).
  • On global styles, if I click and drag to change color, it freezes. Do UNCLICK instead to detect the color selected.
  • Remove the "Reset button" above the color palette.
  • The resize problem has been resolved (it is now in percentages).
  • Global Font Settings Popup (I couldn't close it when I clicked outside)
  • Getting all ShapeDivider elements down the child hierarchy until that child is selectable (the goal is to add configurations of these shapedividers to the selected element's toolbar).
  • nothing - import modification
  • (Fixed global color issue with incorrect palette and color change when changing fill) Button
  • a bug in the block has been fixed


  • Fixed Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 01/27/2023
  • Custom Menu bug fix when using some types of custom code under advanced
  • Hide chat icon when chat not set
  • Added YouTube as social media link option under White Label Settings
  • Updated UI to show "Blocked" instead of "Failed" for payments blocked by internal fraud system
  • Added UserPilot for upcoming tutorials
  • Bug fix to contact lookup step when no match
  • Bugfix on address field when country not set
  • Added new "invoice list" permission to Roles
  • Fixed saved block not working correctly
  • Updated package builder display issue when setting "unlimited"
  • Custom CSS and Custom Code enabled by default in website builder
  • Allow more types of file uploads on SMS step for sending MMS
  • Added support for variables in MMS URL to build MMS image dynamically
  • Pipeline bug fix
  • Pipeline delete card fixed in one case
  • Fixed issue of designer reloading in a frame in rare case
  • Updated webphone reconnect logic to add backoff retry strategy
  • Filters on pipeline disappeared in some case after adding new card
  • On wizard form in some cases pressing "enter" goes back to previous page fixed
  • Pipeline performance improved
  • Copy page bug fixed in designer
  • Fixed issue in some cases preview page image in designer not updated due to cache
  • Allow single click now to select image in website builder
  • Prevent tool tip covering button on save

Campaign Registry 10DLC API Updated to v2.

  • Improved
  • F
    FlowTrack Mike
  • on 01/27/2023

Campaign Registry decommissioned v1 of their API and launched v2. 
Pricing for sole proprietor registration changed to $4/mo

Price for automated primary vetting changed from $50 to $15