• Designer update to position logic for black toolbar
  • link setting bug fixed for popup triggered from navbar
  • Changed close popup button (cursor pointer - background color change on hover)
  • global style color palette fix
  • Massive performance optimization on ALL elements in website builder (faster to open pages and fixes "unresponsive" browser message on some pages)
  • Grid update - Allow items to be dragged/moved into a row
  • Gradient Color Palette (rotate colors to 180 deg in sequence of color palette)
  • Update close button on popup in designer
  • Flow custom code step bug fix
  • CDN Update
  • User profile api optimization
  • filter by system tag bug fix
  • Transfer call step fixed where Ring Group is the destination
  • AI split testing feature fix for AI in SMS Flow Step
  • Added Blueprint Animation while blueprint processing
  • Collapse flow execution log on contact details. Made expandable
  • Copy page bug fix
  • NEW: Blueprint variables can now be used in Email and SMS step
  • Rate limit issue on create domain resolved with CDN
  • Lets encrypt SSL rate limit issue on free domains resolved


  1. Calendar 2.0 (more fixes In development)
  2. CMS (in development)