HUGE Release - The New Calendar and More

  • NEW: Random route step added to support case branch
  • NEW: List data sources on the Random route step to prepop options
  • NEW: Calendar 8.0 (Kidding... its version 2.0 but feels like 8.0)
    1. Google Meet/Hangouts integration
    2. Add multiple guests
    3. Add multiple calendar integrations (and mix types of integrations)
    4. Add custom logo and icon to calendar widget
    5. View all calendars at once. Overlay teams and users in one unified view.
    6. Team calendars/meetings (require all team users to be available) 
    7. Group session calendars (with max number of attendees)
    8. Additional calendar location options (and custom)
    9. Edit calendar booking page in the website builder (custom colors, fonts, add elements, etc)
    10. Private booking pages (one-time use expiring link)
    11. Ability to revoke one-time use link
    12. Ability to reschedule all types of events
    13. REAL-TIME writing to your calendar (no syncing or delay)
    14. Ability to copy/duplicate your calendar bookers
    15. Custom event statuses
    16. New Flow Triggers based on custom event statuses
    17. New calendar element in website builder (with ability to hide event info panel)
    18. "Fake Busy" feature
    19. New System Emails for White Label users (Booking invite, request approve, request rejected, invite accepted, invite declined, reminders, follow-up, etc)
    20. Individual controls for each calendar integration
      1. default calendar
      2. team sharing/visibility setting
      3. mark which calendars take your availability into account
    21. Business hours support multiple time slots per day
    22. Ability to add custom forms to calendar
    23. Change order of the calendar pages and forms (payment form first/last, signature form first/last, survey, authorize credit card only, etc...)
    24. Buffer time before and after events
    25. Ability to hide guest lists
    26. removed the requirement to have "/meet" in booking URL
    27. Added 13 new built-in domains you can use with your booking link (or use your own) 
    28. Allow calendar booking page to work on any domain connected
    29. Links & buttons for customer to Cancel and Reschedule events from the email and meeting description
    30. Ability to enable/disable and edit email notices
    31. Added one or more reminder and followup emails at custom intervals
    32. Feature to require approval of events before sending invite
    33. Added recurring events
    34. Ability to pick start time increments 
    35. Embed code for calendar switch from iframe to script
    36. Updated booking experience from contact details page
    37. Flow variable to generate one-time expiring link to calendar booker
    38. New calendar UI to overlay multiple users, teams, and calendars on the same view
    39. Ability to make bookings on other team users calendars
    40. Added priority option to book customer with assigned contact owner
    41. support colors on calendar events
    42. Generate and attach ICS file for invites and updates to events 
    43. And much more....
  • Updated chat permission when last edited user of a message in a flow doesnt have access to the chat inbox
  • Designer update for menu component. When items added to menu update all components using that menu
  • Image size bug fix
  • NEW: Ability to customize form button colors in website builder
  • Form design bug fix on background color
  • 10DLC registration enhancement to user flow to prevent common rejection reasons
  • Fix when using Tag in condition with tons of tag
  • NEW: Ability to set "No Extension" for page names in the designer instead of ".html" (This will be the default setting on new pages)