Website Builder Updates

  • Web designer Font panel update ( Added reset functionality different color on label to indicate style set on current breakpoint vs inherited)
  • Fix Section background color stop working when change global pallete
  • Updated shadow to fix offset bug and shadow lost when change global styles
  • Added border radius icon in color picker
  • Fixed issue with Menus not synchronizing if link is changed and multiple menus of same kind exist on one page
  • Video issue fixed in website builder
  • Booker color bug fixed
  • Color options updated on forms
  • Popup ( fix z-index issue and textbox not working )
  • Button ( change size from width to min-width)
  • Box ( set overflow to auto and added overflow property in stylemanager )
  • Swiper-slider ( Fix responsiveness issue regarding default items per slide by default)
  • Update to Image gallery
  • Fix Global style color change overwrites the transparency/opacity that was on the color
  • navbar link showing as "null" bug fixed
  • Fixed Custom video error while publishing the site
  • Box (removed margin from wrapper on default style that was adding a gap)
  • Fixed global color not selected issue