• Fixed global font list issue
  • popup change in navbar element
  • updated progress element to use global font
  • NEW: Added border radius in color picker border tab instead of going into style manager
  • fixed spacer resize issue
  • Close popup button UI changes
  • On Section, Tabs, and Accordion the drop line should only show above/below (not left/right)
  • Various Speed enhancements
  • Popper meny performance enhancements
  • Fixed issue with button when you drag to remove the text from button
  • Updated popper menu positioning logic
  • Popup enhancements
  • Link setting bug fix on text element
  • Auto map "first-name" style key from form data to create contact
  • NEW: Sticky contact option added to Form Settings(Remember visitors and prepop data)
  • Base package required update
  • Save order/list preferences on more pages (orders, products, tags, etc)


  1. Calendar 2.0 (more fixes In development)
  2. CMS (in development)