Limiting an Item to a Single Sale.

Crystal Buchan

I ran into an issue where I'd like to sell original art on my website, and only have 1 item to sell, but there is no stop function once the item has been sold,. aka to stop more of the same item from being sold.

The problem then may arise, if I run an ad, and more than one person purchases the original one of a kind artwork then I have a customer service issue and disappointed customer. I think this feature would benefit anyone who is selling a one of a kind item.

I'm not sure what it would take to have a "it's sold", or even to cancel the item from the products list, once it is sold, but this would be a great additional feature to have.

Thank you in advance. Crystal Knutson


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Shemeka Valencia

I ran into this realization trying to create a purchase option for ad space in my upcoming magazine. I don’t want people to be able to purchase ad space for the upcoming issue that’s not available (because someone else purchased the (1) cover ad. I resulted to an invoice work around for the moment.