Communication!!!! If you're going to shut the platform down for 18hours, tell people!

Andy Hewerdine

Communication! Logging in to see the platform is under maintenance and nothing works is fine...but tell us!

Flowtrack simply do not communicate anything to their customers and it makes it impossible to use this platform.

Imagine if you'd planned to use the platform for an event with everything setup in advance...you'd be royally screwed and having to jump onto another platform instead.

Such a simple thing that you continually mess up and it's all any of your customers want....Communication!


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Sean Murphy

Yup, my client has been without email send capabilities for 8 days, with zero communication on when the issue will be resolved, or what the issue even is... unbelievable!! What last little bit of trust I did have in the FlowTrack platform all went out the window. I lost the client and will never trust putting a single client on the platform again.

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Andy Hewerdine

Yesterday live chat stopped working to the new inbox across all accounts and FT didn't even know til I reported. Day before it was something else. Last week something else.

I've built my own platform on WordPress, with CRM, real course functionality, funnels and websites, ecom, blogs, pipelines, calendars etc and it cost less than I paid for Black Label, plus it's all branded exactly how I want

These days it really is a case of use HL or WordPress, everything else at this end of the market just seems to be held together with sticky tape.

Only thing I have to consider is that each Whitelabel costs me $1k a year and I have to cover hosting and CDN, which is really a tiny cost as I use dedicated servers that can hold thousands of sites.